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The Great Kpop Debate: Surgery or Nah?


First of all I would like to say I know this is an extremely touchy subject for many k pop fans but after reading several articles about plastic surgery I got too irritated not to speak out on this. Let me clarify this is a mixture of both my own opinion and fact so DO NOT get offended if you read something you don’t like because I’m going of factual evidence and formed my opinion based off of this. Also I chose to write this type of article a lot earlier than planned because I felt there needed to be some sort of voice of reason for those who can not handle the idea of their favourite idol getting surgery. Once again, my opinion is clearly voiced I would like to say that I feel both sides were argued and if you have anything further to add to either point feel free to comment. I just felt this information could add more logic and understanding to the general discussion. The comment section is a the very bottom of the page for those who wish to leave one.

Lets start with the most common comments I hear from fans “He/She lost weight” or “He/She wears tons of makeup so it makes them look so different” and the one I see the most “He/She has just aged”. To clarify I’m talking specifically about kpop stars but everything written here can be applied to Korean celebrities in general.

The Kpop Star/Stars have had surgery vs The Kpop Star/Stars are all natural

They’re natural? 

First of all I do not agree that there are any all natural k pop stars and if I’m wrong then those who are all natural are in the minority. 

Addressing the most frequent comments I must say they do make some fair points. It is highly logical to argue that weight loss can change your appearance. I know this from personal experience and through the experience of friends. When I was younger I was quite chubby but as I got towards my teens the weight kind of just dropped off so to speak. I noticed that this changed how wide spread my nose looked, how wide my face was and also to a certain degree how my big my eyes looked. So to a certain extent I can not fault the logic behind the use of this argument.

“He/She wears tons of makeup so it makes them look so different” – Yet another valid point the use of makeup can alter how your face looks to a certain extent especially if you’re skilled with it. I’ve seen videos on youtube etc that highlight how you can change the face quite a bit with makeup, this is particularly the case when contouring and highlighting are done. I do look at before and after makeup photos like wow that is a drastic difference, so yet again it is another good point.

Finally “He/She has just aged” – This is a very obvious point so I wont go into pages of detail but yes the ageing process does change how we look. I have yet to meet anyone who looks exactly the same from age 5-80. With laughter lines and wrinkles and all that wonderful stuff we have to look forward to its impossible for us to look the same forever. There is also the fact that we are born with a lot of extra fat that is lost as we grow up, also both the face and the body change as we age and pass through puberty. Once again I can not fault the logic behind these arguments.


They’ve had surgery?

Guys lets face it it is a well known fact that being in the music industry or film and television as a Korean person you will most likely be asked to get some type of plastic surgery. (This is not to say that in the entertainment industry in other countries that is not asked but I’m just focusing on Korea here).

“He/She lost weight” – Now in rebuttal of my argument in the all natural part, as I said I have seen this and experienced this myself. Through my own and those around me’s experience (and this isn’t one or two people this is a lot of us) although our faces have changed the difference was subtle enough that none of us looked like a completely different person. The only reason that we noticed these changes ourselves is because when you are that used to seeing your own face you are bound to pick up on any blemishes or changes that occur. As I said it is a logical argument but think people!

 “He/She wears tons of makeup so it makes them look so different” –  As previously stated makeup does have a somewhat drastic change to how you look before and after photos prove this. That being said I have yet to look at a before photo and not be able to point out a single feature that makes that individual identifiable. There are some before and after makeup photos where the person looks a lot different but you can still to some degree tell its them.

“He/She has just aged” – Once again its a very obvious point so I’ll try not to drag this one out. Come on guys, age does change us and I’ve met and seen a lot of people who do look a lot different from how they looked once when they were younger. I have yet to meet anyone who looks like a completely different person from a their teens to their early to mid twenties. It astounds me how so many argue they just got older, no one looks goes from having a massive nose at 17 to at 25 having a tiny nose. You can in no way deny that is just age, our nose (for those who can’t accept the very obvious nose jobs out there) will constantly grow throughout our life it will never stop. So how is it an educated person could argue a massive to a small nose is natural change. Even with heavy weight loss the nose wouldn’t drop in size a drastic amount.

As a concluding point I would just like to say that yes weight loss, makeup and age changes our appearance but come one people lets use our brains! I just like all the other k pop fans out there don’t really want believe that my favourite exo members or my favourite 2NE1 members have had surgery but lets face facts and reality here. At the end of the day there is only so much makeup, weight loss and the ageing process can do, no one changes to the point that they look like a completely different person in a few years or with extra makeup or with weight loss. I would also like all to be aware that I am in no way slating anyone for getting plastic surgery, its your life and body so thats up to you to decide what you do with it. This post was written merely to state the obvious to those who do no wish to see it and clarify the logic behind several of these valid arguments. Personally, I would say if it isn’t very subtle I highly doubt that the idol in question did not go under the knife.

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7 thoughts on “Everything K pop Surgery

  1. koreans are the most beautiful in asia, by far! and maybe even in the world! i’m not really interested in how they achieve it, but all i know is that i look at them and i can’t believe how beautiful they are, they are so damn good looking and sexy and beautiful and hot! us brazilians also get a lot of surgery, and yet we’re still ugly :((( . i envy the korean people, they most likely are naturally beautiful, and thanks to plastic surgery, they get even hotter, it’s crazy!


    • I agree, I do think Koreans are very beautiful and this post wasn’t written in order to dispute that nor criticise. I’m merely stating that plastic surgery is very much the norm there so no need to deny it when there is solid evidence that’s what they do. Plus I think Brazilians are crazy hot and so do most people I’m shocked you even said that 😱


    • Actually no!Not every ppl from one country are beautiful.Koreans are beautiful.Some of them have a doll-like look.But most of the do surgery or too much make up.Of course they are some natural beauties among them like Nana,Suzy,Yoona or Sulli.But the rest do lots of surgeries.
      And if there was no Nana,Suzy,Yoona or Sulli between them which each of them have a mythical natral beauty,I would think all of Koreans are ugly.
      And generally,I find west Asians prettier.The number of natural beauties in west Asia makes me get goose bumps!
      And generally,I find Brazilians,Iranians,and Spanish people prettier.


      • I’m not sure you fully understand what I was saying.. Maybe if you read it once again you may get what I’m trying to say. Also I don’t know of all the natural beauties in k pop but I do know there are a few, what I was trying to say is the pressure from their labels amongst other things often make a lot of them get surgery.
        I agree with you on that one but I do find koreans really pretty too!


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